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8 Ways to Help You Save Costs on Air Conditioning

America is home to roughly 103 million homes that depend on air conditioning. With such a high demand for heating and cooling, your power bill can easily skyrocket. This is bad news in today’s economy, right? Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to save on air conditioning. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Service or Replace Your HVAC System

Compromised efficiency in electric equipment translates to higher power bills. The same goes for your air conditioner. Wrong air conditioning installation reduces the system’s efficiency by up to 30%. Dirty filters in HVAC systems compromise air movement as well. With so many issues that affect proper functioning, servicing your AC is essential. Companies dealing with HVAC Service have technicians that can help improve efficiency. Some of these companies can help you switch an inefficient AC with one that’s newer and efficient.

2. Plant Trees

The most heat in our homes emanates from sun rays penetrating through the window. The same happens when the sun shines on the roof. It is along these lines that planting trees will come in handy. Having leafy trees in your compound prevents solar heat from reaching your living space. Sure, buying a tall tree from a nearby nursery can seem a hassle. But doing so is a small price to pay given the benefits. A seasoned HVAC service provider will agree that shrubs and trees help increase efficiency as well.

3. Dress Your Windows

A big percentage of sun rays shining on the windows enter our homes in the form of heat. Meshed window screens and solar screens can help intercept heating energy destined for your house. Keep in mind that west and east-facing window screens are the most impacted. Window films will also come in handy. These are metal, transparent sheets that reflect heat energy that would otherwise penetrate glass. Keeping windows closed is crucial if window films are to work. Solar screens, on the other hand, will function even with open windows.

4. Flip the Thermostat Switch

Increasing the air conditioner’s thermostat by a few degrees is wise. A five to eight degrees Fahrenheit temperature adjustment will help save energy and cash. A programmable thermostat helps make the work easier. With such, temperature adjustment during different day times is possible. This will also come in handy whenever you’re not around for long. A programmable thermostat will help in case you forget adjusting the thermostat. For example, if you left the switch at high when leaving for work, the thermostat will make the necessary adjustments. Such convenience helps save power and your cash as a result. Talking to a reliable HVAC service provider will enlighten you on programmable thermostats.

5. Avoid Oven and Stove Use

Refrain from using your oven and/or stove during hot spells. Cooking using such equipment will only increase indoor temperatures. Lighting your outdoor grill or microwave cooking is a better idea. Eating fruits, salads, and other cooler foods is also a step in the right direction. If you must use the oven or stove, do so after sunset. Activate your kitchen exhaust fan after each cooking session too. The same goes for the bathroom exhaust fan after taking hot showers. All these will go a long way in dissipating the heat.

6. Lower Your AC during the Night

Most people do not need the same degree of conscious cool during the night. Sleeping hours are therefore an opportune time to reduce air conditioning. If your AC system has one, make use of the sleep mode feature that helps lower output. With less running, power consumption is nothing much to worry about.

7. Examine the Ducts

There are areas in your home where air conditioning doesn’t reach. A good example is the attic and such areas need proper insulation. Lack of proper insulation means that indoor air won’t be cool as needed. Checking your ducts will avoid paying for half-cooled air. If this seems a difficult task, an HVAC service provider can help

8. Furniture Rearrangement

Furniture can sometimes stand in the way of air conditioning vents. A chill meant for you will, therefore, cool the back of your sofa. The market today offers plastics that help direct air in the proper direction. However, rearranging your furniture is the easiest way to go about this.