5 Ways Food Manufacturing Plants Can Improve Food Safety with IoT

One of the top priorities of food manufacturing is safety. Not only safety of the plant and employers but even more so the safety of the products produced. One one wants their plant to be the subject of the next news show and how it harmed hundreds or thousands of people. This is where IoT comes in. With IoT there are a vast array of ways a food manufacturing plant can improve food safety.

  1. Automated temperature monitoring
    With wireless connected thermostats and temperature gauges you can not only monitor the exact temperature of temperature critical food or cooking process but also automatically adjust for when temperature fall out of safe or ideal standards.
  2. Monitor product ingredients
    With so many people having allergies to specific ingredients such as gluten or nuts, it’s vital to know and be assess what is actually in or come in contact with your products. Having sensors setup and connected to a monitoring terminal that relays to mobile and other devices can help you quickly be alerted of any improper ingredients or other contaminates.
  3. Efficiently maintain proper packaging
    Packaging is just as import as the process of cooking or assignable food items. Without proper packaging or sloppy implementation of that packaging can lead to a number of safety concerns. Having an IoT connected packaging system can help alert you to any problems before they turn into something big and in some cases can even automatically handle themselves.
  4. Easily run audits
    With IoT connected manufacturing equipment, audits that once took days can be done in seconds or minutes. In fact you can have audits running and reported daily where as doing such by hand could be impossible to do daily.
  5. Less human contaminates from interaction
    One of the top safety concerns in the food industry is contaminates from people. With IoT you can automate tasks that normally would take a person to do. With less interaction with people there is less of a chance someone can contaminate equipment or products.



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