12 Predictions for How IoT will Run the Future

The Internet of Things is a hot topic nowadays. Life in the modern world is becoming more and more demanding, and it seems that the only thing that is able to keep up with all of these demands is IoT. It doesn’t just provide for our modern demands, though, it also provides a highly sustainable way forward for the ever-expanding human population. This is why we believe that IoT will run the future, and we’ve given 12 predictions to this effect, right here:

1) Every device you own will be inter-connected
Modern humanity’s increasing expectancy for convenience will be met by manufacturers making inter-connected devices which streamline pretty much everything we do in life.

2) We will have a world of fully integrated, smart, sustainable cities
With the world’s leading cities now moving towards utilizing a combination of energy and technology – otherwise named Energy 3.0 – we are set to see more and more cities follow suit. This brings a brand new ecosystem of services which provides a greatly increased quality of life (QoL) whilst at the same time reducing significantly the levels of energy consumption.

3) A new industrial revolution!
There are self-organized logistics which react instantly to any unexpected change in production, and machines which can predict failures in the production process and automatically launch maintenance processes. Until now, networks and processes have been limited to one sole factory. In an Industry 4.0 scenario, those boundaries of individual factories will most likely cease to exist. And what will replace them is an interconnected network of multiple factories – most probably spanning across several geographical regions.

4) Your life will literally come alive!
Let’s face it, nobody ever thought we’d be able to switch our heating on 30mins before arriving home, just with the use of our smartphones! When we consider that, it becomes not-so-ludicrous after all to predict that very soon we may have a bed which senses when we are awake and connects to our shower, which then automatically switches on to heat the water up ready for us in the morning!

5) Everybody will have a free PA
Your bicycle needs a service, but you don’t have time to schedule one. You have a device on your bike which allows you to push one button, which then checks your digitally-synced diary to check for a time it calculates you won’t be cycling. It then digitally schedules your bike’s service with the mechanics e-booking platform. Imagine your whole life run just like this!

6) Our fitness levels will go through the roof!
We may soon have smart goggles showing us the best version of ourselves, as recorded by its interconnectedness with our fitness tracker watch, being displayed to us whilst running and having our current progress streamed to us in real time.

7) Huge savings will be made!
Imagine your washing machine or your dish washer “trading” on the stock market for the cheapest energy prices at any given time before it switches itself on! You get the gist!

8) Our environmentally-destructive ways will find a balance
We’re already using things such as smart bins for our local councils to be alerted when they are full up, and we have accurate measurements of the impact we are having on Earth. This technology will only ever expand and develop, and we will be able to follow it all in real time by way of the IoT.

9) Info exponential!
IoT is a data powerhouse! Only companies and organizations who can adapt to the amount of data and the speed of its transfer by way of the IoT will survive.

10) Traffic jams? What traffic jams?
The “connected car” is just the start of the IoT’s capabilities. Imagine a city with roadside sensors whose data is used to analyze traffic patterns and adjust traffic light operations in order to minimize – if not eliminate – traffic jams. Boom!

11) Our days will be that little bit longer
With all of the above-detailed probabilities, it’d be rude not to agree that we’d save so much time on our daily tasks. Thus, our days will seem to extend significantly!

12) The concept of Iot will disappear
Terms such as “e-commerce”, “www”, and “the net” will cease to exist. One day it will be ridiculously difficult to imagine that all things weren’t always connected and that the miraculous benefits of IoT hadn’t always been with us! IoT will basically be an obsolete synonym for “modern life!”

Some of these predictions may seem a little far-fetched to you. But all we can say is – who would have imagined 20 years ago that we’d be able to have video conversations with family and friends across the globe – even from some of the most remote places in existence!?


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